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boat handler

The first boat I had control of (barring the toy sailing boats that one of my uncles had) was an old RAF tender that was used as a safety boat by the sailing club at my school. It had a dirty old engine, a throttle that had to be held in place with a pair of pilers and a good old-fashioned tiller at the stern. Knowing what I do now I'm eternally grateful that I never had to do any rescue work in it.

The vast majority of my driving nowadays is in Zodiac Mk V inflatables with 60hp engines on the back. They're fabulous, particularly in the environments I tend to be driving in, although admittedly I wouldn't want to be crossing the Atlantic in them.

I've been lucky enough to have driven these boats in both Antarctica and the Arctic, along the east African seaboard and some of the islands nearby (the Comores, the Seychelles and Madagascar) and in the UK.

I'm also an RYA Powerboat Instructor, although it has to be said that most of my instructing so far has been in Antarctica - it's rather more picturesque than Milford Haven!





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