Danny Edmunds


scientific diver

My first dives were back in the dark days of 1988 on a PGL holiday based at Salcombe in Devon. This was the tail-end of the first wave of recreational diving in the UK, when you could still find people who dived with their own home-made kit. We dived with single-reg setups, ABLJs with crack bottles and wetsuits. Fortunately it was hot that week.

I didn't do any formal training until 1995 when I decided to leave my then job and go to Mozambique with Frontier on a scientific project surveying the Quirimbas archipelago in the north of the country. We didn't do a lot of diving on that phase but what we did sparked an interest in marine science.

Now I'm a BSAC Advanced Diver (CMAS 3*), do some commercial scientific survey work off the Welsh coast, and am also involved in a seagrass survey project in the Scily Isles. I'm also a BSAC Open Water Instructor (CMAS 2*).




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